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Full feature video casting for funerals made easy


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The demand for funeral video casting is growing; creating a valuable business opportunity. Yet growth is lagging because the equipment has been difficult to install and maintain. UNTIL NOW!

EasyStream is a full-featured video casting service that eliminates the need for a PC or laptop.

Simple to Use and Zero Maintenance.

Just one button to start and to stop the video cast. It is always ready; simply push the button and 45 seconds later the streaming starts.

Installation takes minutes; plug in the A/V and network connections and it self-configures. No maintenance; no laptop upgrades, virus or security software to manage.

Clients Love It and There Are No Hidden Fees.

Full HD, yet it has the unique capability to auto-optimize for the individual viewer’s network capacity. 1,000,000 viewers; effectively unlimited capacity. Live chat; viewers can chat during the ceremony. Even video cast remotely (e.g. the graveside) via an iPhone or iPad

Recording is available online for one year; the client can view or download at their convenience, and provide the client with a recording on a USB drive immediately after the ceremony.

Nothing could be easier!


Equipment as low as $60.00 per month for 36 month term - Fast and Easy Approval

US Applicants Click Here | Canadian Applicants Click Here

Fax completed forms to 1-902-865-7573, or email to Info@distantlink.com