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Video Cast from anywhere with an iPad or iPhone


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For many clients, the graveside or other associated activities are part of the ceremony. In order to video cast remotely for these clients, today’s solutions require additional, bulky equipment. UNTIL NOW!

EasyMobile allows your clients to include all elements of the ceremony, with only an iPhone or iPad! 

Live Video Casting from Anywhere.

Easy to use; simply download the app for your device. Recording is available online for one year; the client can view or download at their convenience. Full 1080p HD; where the network allows

No Hidden Costs!

CLICK HERE on your IOS device to download the RTMP Streamer, then give us a call to set up your account!


Click Here to see the Flyer!

Equipment as low as $60.00 per month for 36 month term - Fast and Easy Approval

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Fax completed forms to 1-902-865-7573, or email to Info@distantlink.com